Inside Our Toolbox

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If you’re interested in DIY projects, you’ll need to have a basic set of tools to keep with you at all times. We purchased most of our tools at different hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. We will provide links to the exact tools we use below. 


Basic Tools for Your Toolbox


  1. Hammer
  2. Crow bar or pry bar – This will help you remove drywall, studs, nails, and other materials
  3. Goggles – Eye protection is always important when renovating your home
  4. Screw Driver – You’ll need 2…a flat head and a phillips head (star shaped)
  5. Gloves – Choose a style that is tough enough to handle medium to heavy renovations
  6. Flashlight 
  7. Wrench Set – You’ll want to get socket wrenches and allen wrenches
  8. Various nails, bolts, nuts, and screws
  9. Tape Measure
  10. Level
  11. Pliers
  12. Studfinder
  13. Sand Paper or Hand Sander
  14. Cordless Drill – We have 2 of these that we use when we need some power while placing screws. They work great for hanging curtain rods, TV mounts, and shelving
  15. Something to hold your tools

You can probably find most of these tools at your local hardware store. If you have questions about the type of tool you’ll need for a specific project, don’t hesitate to ask a store associate. You can also send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!


These are the basic tools we use daily for our DIY projects. More advanced projects may require other tools. We’ll be sure to add those as we mention them on the blog. 




The prices on tools can vary greatly. We always shop around store ads for sales when they pop up (especially for our more advanced tools). When shopping for your own toolbox, keep in mind to look a the quality of the tool over the price. You may pay a bit more now, but the high-quality tools will last longer. We’ve had our cordless drill for almost 8 years!


If you have any questions about the tools we’ve listed above, feel free to get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you find all the tools you need to complete your own DIY projects.