Hey ya’ll! Jared and Stephanie here. We are all about being open and honest with our readers, so there’s a few things we wanted to share about our site.


Affiliate Income

As much as we love to write, we also need to make money to survive. This blog is one of the ways we make money. You may see affiliate links or advertisements on some of our posts. We are paid a small commission on these posts. It does not affect you or any purchases that you make because of our recommendations. If you have any questions about how affiliate marketing works, please get in touch!


We will try to add a disclaimer to each post containing affiliate links. In the event we forget (hey, we’re human) you should assume that any link that leads you to a product, is an affiliate link.


The Companies We Work With

We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. This is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide us a means to earn money from our blog. This is done by linking to Amazon.com and other affiliated sites.

We are also participants in the Dollar Tree affiliate program. You may find links to Dollar Tree products and websites on our blog posts and social media accounts.


We will never recommend or advertise products or services that we haven’t personally used. That wouldn’t be honest, and honesty is our best policy! In the event we are associated with other affiliate programs, we’ll list them here.


Who Writes For Us?

Everything you read on this blog was written by either myself (Stephanie) or Jared. If we have a guest writer on the blog, you’ll see a link to their bio. We do offer guest blogging services on our blog, and for other blogs. If you need a blog writer for your business, send us an email at stephanie@dogwooddiy.com


The images used on this site are our own. We reserve the right to add or remove them as we see fit. These images are copyrighted and are not to be used unless written consent is given. If a photo is not our own, we will credit the source with a name and link. 


If any of this is confusing or unclear, please let us know.

Have questions? Get in touch at stephanie@dogwooddiy.com