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Dogwood DIY

We are Jared and Stephanie, the DIY’ers of the Dogwood House.

We first swung hammers together back in 2008. Without a huge budget (or any idea what we were doing), we decided to buy a 1960’s brick ranch in serious need of some TLC.

That house served us up some fun projects like painting kitchen cabinets and laying peel-and-stick tile. (It worked for our small budget).

Our son was born in 2011 and a few years later, we decided to move our family of 3 to a new town. At this point, we were over DIY projects and moved into a brand new house in a brand new community.

Although we loved that house and neighborhood, it was missing something. We wanted a house with some character…and more privacy!

Realtor.com became my new best friend. In 2018, the week before Thanksgiving, I came across a listing for another fixer upper. It was in an established neighborhood and had everything we were wanting in a home.

I drove to the open house that afternoon, the next week we made an offer, and by the end of December, she was ours!

That’s where this new journey takes us. We have our hands full with this one, but we’re ready to turn this house into our dream home.

Follow along as we renovate the Dogwood House.

Dogwood DIY

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